The successfully presence in development projects confirms high quality and fully competition in 3D modeling and engineering.

product  development  and  engineering

since 2004 successfully in a market




with DeF

Support in a Product development

CAD Services

High quality engineering

on our workstation in system:

- Creo (Pro/Engineer), ISDX

- in SOLIDWORKS Professional


Our offering for the design and development of your products includes:


- close and competent communication in a German language, base knowledge of a English


- concept development, innovation of  technical solutions, seeking out of new approaches

      and creative thinking


- detail construction with respect to manufacturing technology


- proposals of the design, computation models and prototypes, serial models

     with complete documentation


- experience in the area of plastic parts design, casting and compressive casting, in a forging

   and sheet metal construction


- solid and surface construction with quality analysis, Pro/E - ISDX module


- simplified representation of parts and assemblies, assembly collision analysis,

     mechanism module in Pro/E


- SW-disciplines:- Pro/ENGINEER (WildFire, Creo) 

- SOLIDWORKS Professional  

design your futureyour logowith DeFdesign your future

We can support your development process:


- directly in your development team as a member of this team in your office


- as a external contractor of a closed part of your product— design/reference part, detailed construction,

      complete documentation— in our office


- as a consultation partner for the CAD 3D modeling in a PTC products (Pro/E, WildFire, Creo):

            - Part modeling - ConstrElements, Reference, Parameters, Relations, Surface quality, …

            - Assembly - Placement of a components, SimplifyRepresentations, Analyses,…

            - Drawings - Standards, Parameters, Tolerances, …


- as a your Partner according to your conception of our collaboration



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